Life lessons from aerial circus

How being up in the air keeps me grounded

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It feels good to be challenged

In my aerial classes I’ve met scientists with PhDs, students, a couple of other marketers, people working in the arts, and people working in admin.

Explore your options before you niche

I’ve tried aerial hoop, aerial rope and trapeze as well as aerial silks and aerial sling. I learned that I prefer the feeling of fabric, and I like to feel tied in. So I specialised in aerial silks.

A big chunk of time is spent figuring stuff out

Aerial social media is full of the highlights; beautiful shapes, flowing moves and feats of flexibility. In reality, I spend a lot of my time in class getting unstuck, flopping onto the safety mat and awkwardly figuring it all out.

Inspiration is healthier than competition

Every body is different. Some are naturally flexible, some are strong, some have beautiful dancer lines and some are fearless.

Sometimes you just have to show up and do the work

When starting aerial circus from scratch, you’re usually in the safe, warm cocoon of a beginner’s class. You don’t know what to expect but it’s exciting to be in the air.

Level up by working towards a big goal

Every year or so, I’m presented with the opportunity to perform in front of an audience. I love putting a routine together, and I can’t say no to the opportunity to wear a fancy costume.



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